Professional Hair Dryers 100% Made in Italy


Company Offering itself the ideal partner to work alongside with the most up-to date hairdressers, PARLUX complies with their most demanding needs by offering a wide range of professional tools designed to satisfy the specific requirements of high performance and reliability. A modern and dynamic company that offers innovative technologies in design, assembly, testing and assistance concerning professional products aimed at demanding and continuously evolving customers.

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Parlux: Made in Italy

Dear hairdressers, PARLUX is an Italian trademark synonym of seriousness and quality in the production of professional tools for hairdressers for over 32 years, very well-known and appreciated in the domestic and International hair world, (their hairdryers are distributed in more than 60 countries in the world) reached the significant record of 16 millions of hairdryers produced during the years.

All PARLUX products are conceived and completely realized in Italy by their factory in Trezzano sul Naviglio (Milan) where, before being delivered to the professional market, they are tested and controlled by the internal research laboratory. Their entire production process is made in Italy exclusively; another important reason to choose the best hairdryers really “made in Italy”.


The PARLUX design has always been inspired by a clean aesthetic profile, with clear lines and simple geometric shapes, that guarantee perfect ergonomics and simplicity of use.

"Simplicity" is the feature that distinguishes the "beauty" of the PARLUX products, together with being made of high-quality and modern materials, thus making it a leader over the years.



  • espect is the fundamental value that characterizes all the Company's activity.

  • Respect for our customers, continually investing in improving the quality and the features of our products including noise reduction;

  • Respect for our national and international Partners, building long-term relationship with them;

  • Respect for all the employees, who work daily inside the company recognizing and enhancing the characteristics of all of them;

  • Respect for the traders, acknowledging their rights;

  • Respect for the Environment Working, using the pholosophy "Eco Friendly".

There is no description available in English.

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